Vocal Profiles for the Galagos: A Tool for Identification

  title={Vocal Profiles for the Galagos: A Tool for Identification},
  author={Simon Kenneth Bearder and Thomas M Butynski and Yvonne A. de Jong},
The galagos (Family Galagidae) of Africa are nocturnal, small, and often difficult to observe, and most species are phenotypically cryptic. As such, galagos are frequently difficult to identify with confidence, particularly in the field. Being nocturnal, conspecifics mainly identify each other using auditory and olfactory cues, not visual signals. All galagos produce species-specific ‘loud calls’ (or ‘advertisement calls’). Loud calls have several functions, one of which is long-distance… Expand
Vocal activity of lesser galagos (Galago spp.) at zoos.
It is confirmed that the observed vocalization types can be collected from lesser galagos living at zoos, and the success can be increased by selecting larger and more diverse groups. Expand
Northern lesser galagos (Galago senegalensis) increase the production of loud calls before and at dawn
The finding that the relatively early increase in vocal activity was not directly related to approaching and entering sleeping sites suggests that the northern lesser galagos’ loud calls differ in function from reassembly calls described for other species of nocturnal primates. Expand
Anthropogenic Disturbance in Nocturnal Primates & Conservation Perception in Zaraninge Forest, Tanzania
Galagos are an understudied family of primates which inhabit much of Sub-Saharan Africa, some of which are potentially at risk. The coastal forests of East Africa are home to many galagos, howeverExpand