VoLTE*: A Lightweight Voice Solution to 4G LTE Networks

  title={VoLTE*: A Lightweight Voice Solution to 4G LTE Networks},
  author={Guan-Hua Tu and Chi-Yu Li and Chunyi Peng and Zengwen Yuan and Yuanjie Li and Xiaohu Zhao and Songwu Lu},
VoLTE is the designated voice solution to the LTE network. Its early deployment is ongoing worldwide. In this work, we report an assessment on VoLTE.We show that VoLTE offers no categorically better quality than popular VoIP applications in all tested scenarios except some congested scenarios. Given the high cost on infrastructure upgrade, we argue that VoLTE, in its current form, might not warrant the deployment effort. We sketch VOLTE*, a lightweight voice solution from which all parties of… CONTINUE READING