Vlog and brand evaluations: the influence of parasocial interaction

  title={Vlog and brand evaluations: the influence of parasocial interaction},
  author={Matthew Tingchi Liu and Yongdan Liu and Lida L. Zhang},
  journal={Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics},
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to investigate the marketing results of video blogging (vlogging). In particular, the authors are interested in understanding which video bloggers (vloggers) can better help marketers develop their brand image, which vlog viewers tend to evaluate vlogger-endorsed brands more positively, and how these effects occur. Design/methodology/approach A questionnaire survey was conducted with a convenience sample online. A total of 401 valid responses were… 

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Advertising value of vlogs on destination visit intention: the mediating role of place attachment among Pakistani tourists

Purpose Drawing on Ducoffe’s advertising value model, this study aims to integrate additional constructs (credibility, fantasy and visual appeal) as important antecedents to the perceived

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Impact of Beauty Vlogger's Credibility and Popularity on eWOM Sharing Intention: The Mediating Role of Parasocial Interaction

Abstract Drawing on the foundation of three critical theories of consumer psychology-parasocial theory, source credibility theory and signaling theory, the study tries to examine the impact of beauty

The impact of Danmu technological features on consumer loyalty intention toward recommendation vlogs: a perspective from social presence and immersion

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Video blogging (vlogging), a type of short video that people produce by recording and editing their daily lives, has become an emerging form of digital cultural production on social media platforms

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The following study first examined how consumers are influenced by social media advertising and what role vloggers play in influencer marketing. Secondly, the factors considered by consumers while

'The Big Women:' A Textual Analysis of Chinese Viewers’ Perception towards Femvertising Vlogs

Video blogging (vlogging), a type of short video that people produce by recording and editing their daily lives, has become an emerging form of digital cultural production on social media platforms



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ABSTRACT This article investigates—and compares—the effects of brand publicity in social and “traditional” digital media. In an analysis of consumer responses to identical brand publicity in seven

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Although brand placements are frequently associated with media characters within movies or TV series, and viewers are well known to relate to such characters, previous research has scarcely dealt

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The present study integrated the theory of planned behavior, technology acceptance model, and Palka et al.'s (2009) viral marketing model to examine U.S. consumers’ online video sharing attitudes,

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This study is the first to examine vlogger popularity effects in social media and provides an empirical evidence concerning the specific conditions under which credibility is more (or less) effective in influencing behavior.

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