Vladko Maček and the Croatian Peasant Defence in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia

  title={Vladko Ma{\vc}ek and the Croatian Peasant Defence in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia},
  author={Sabrina P. Ramet},
  journal={Contemporary European History},
  pages={215 - 231}
  • S. Ramet
  • Published 1 May 2007
  • History
  • Contemporary European History
Abstract In the years 1936–41, the Croatian Peasant Party, led by Vladko Maček, operated two militias – the Croatian Peasant Defence (HSZ) in the villages and the Croatian Civil Defence in the cities. The HSZ was intended to protect Croatian peasants from attacks by Serb Chetniks as well as by communists, and was thus itself a symptom of the lawlessness prevailing in the interwar Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The HSZ also formed part of Maček's efforts to compete with the fascistic Ustaša movement, an… Expand
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