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VizieR Online Data Catalog: UCAC4 Catalogue (Zacharias+, 2012)

  title={VizieR Online Data Catalog: UCAC4 Catalogue (Zacharias+, 2012)},
  author={Norbert Zacharias and Charlie T. Finch and Theresa Mary Girard and Arne H. Henden and Jennifer Bartlett and David G. Monet and Marion I. Zacharias},
Disrupted exoplanet systems in the SuperWASP Archive
The aim of this research project has been to search for disrupted or disintegrating exoplanets; this search has been carried out using archival data from the Super-WASP (Wide Angle Search for
High-contrast H$\alpha$ imaging with Subaru/SCExAO+VAMPIRES
We present current status of H$\alpha$ high-contrast imaging observations with Subaru/SCExAO+VAMPIRES. Our adaptive optics correction at optical wavelengths in combination with (double) spectral
High-contrast Hα imaging with Subaru/SCExAO + VAMPIRES
Abstract. We present the current status of Hα high-contrast imaging observations with Subaru/Subaru Coronagraphic Extreme Adaptive Optics + VAMPIRES. Our adaptive optics correction at optical
Is multiplicity universal? : a study of multiplicity in the young moving groups
The young moving groups are collections of nearby (<200 pc), young (5-150 Myr) premain sequence stars; these stars offer us one of the best opportunities to characterise stellar multiplicity,
Probing Planetary Formation and Evolution: Transiting Planets and Occulting Disks
The circumstellar environments of young stellar objects (YSOs) involve complex dynamical interactions between dust and gas that directly influence the formation of planets. However, our understanding
Rosetta 3dtool - a web-based application for science planning
The Rosetta 3dtool was developed in order to provide an overview over the spatial and temporal evolution of Rosetta trajectories. The application supports science planning of the Rosetta mission and