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VizieR Online Data Catalog: 2MASS All-Sky Catalog of Point Sources (Cutri+ 2003)

  title={VizieR Online Data Catalog: 2MASS All-Sky Catalog of Point Sources (Cutri+ 2003)},
  author={Roc M. Cutri and Michael F. Skrutskie and S. Van Dyk and Charles A. Beichman and John M. Carpenter and Thomas J. Chester and Laurent Cambresy and Timothy Evans and John W. Fowler and John E. Gizis and Eric M. Howard and John Peter Huchra and Thomas H. Jarrett and Eugene Kopan and J. Davy Kirkpatrick and Robert M. Light and K A Marsh and Howard L. McCallon and Stephen E. Schneider and Rae F. Stiening and Mark V. Sykes and Martin D Weinberg and Wm. A. Wheaton and S. L. Wheelock and Nuno Zacarias},
High precision radial velocities with GIANO spectra
Radial velocities (RV) measured from near-infrared (NIR) spectra are a potentially excellent tool to search for extrasolar planets around cool or active stars. High resolution infrared (IR)
Astrometric and photometric initial mass functions from the UKIDSS Galactic Clusters Survey: II The Alpha Persei open cluster
We present the results of a deep (J = 19.1 mag) infrared (ZY JHK) survey over the full � Per open cluster extracted from the Data Release 9 of the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey Galactic Clusters
Haut contraste par réarrangement de pupille pour la détection d'exoplanètes
La detection des exoplanetes et de l’environnement d’etoiles jeunes tel que les disques de debris fait face a deux difficultes majeures : d’une part, la faible distance angulaire entre le compagnon
A Chandra X-ray study of the young star cluster NGC 6231: low-mass population and initial mass function
NGC6231 is a massive young star cluster, near the center of the Sco OB1 association. While its OB members are well studied, its low-mass population has received little attention. We present
Exploring the Effects of Stellar Rotation and Wind Clearing: Debris Disks Around F Stars
We have conducted a study of debris disks around F stars in order to explore correlations between rotation, stellar winds, and circumstellar disks. We obtained new 24 μm photometry from the Multiband
A deep multi-band investigation of IC 2391
Aims. We report the outcome of a deep multiwavelength study of the IC 2391 young open cluster. We attempt to uncover new low-mass and sub-stellar members of the cluster and identify new debris disk
White Dwarf-Red Dwarf Systems Resolved with the Hubble Space Telescope. I. First Results
First results are presented for a Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Advanced Camera for Surveys snapshot study of white dwarfs with likely red dwarf companions. Of 48 targets observed and analyzed so far,
ÉTUDE DE L'EXTINCTION INTERSTELLAIRE EN TROIS DIMENSIONS : Contraintes sur la structure de la Voie Lactée
L'attenuation de la lumiere par la poussiere interstellaire limite la vue que nous avons sur notre propre Galaxie, la Voie Lactee. Cette these porte sur la cartographie de l'extinction interstellaire
Analysis of Neptune’s 2017 bright equatorial storm
Hen 3-160 - the first symbiotic binary with Mira variable S star
Hen 3-160 is reported in Belczynski et al.'s (2000) catalog as a symbiotic binary system with M7 giant donor. Using $V$- and $I$-band photometry collected over 20 years we have found that the giant