ViziQuer: A Web-Based Tool for Visual Diagrammatic Queries Over RDF Data

  title={ViziQuer: A Web-Based Tool for Visual Diagrammatic Queries Over RDF Data},
  author={Kārlis {\vC}erāns and Agris Sostaks and Uldis Bojars and Julija Ovcinnikova and Lelde Lace and Mikus Grasmanis and Aiga Romane and Arturs Sprogis and Juris Barzdins},
We demonstrate the open source ViziQuer tool for web-based creation and execution of visual diagrammatic queries over RDF/SPARQL data. The tool supports the data instance level and statistics queries, providing visual counterparts for most of SPARQL 1.1 select query constructs, including aggregation and subqueries. A query environment can be created over a user-supplied SPARQL endpoint with known data schema (a data schema exploration service is available, as well). There are pre-defined… 
ViziQuer: A Visual Notation for RDF Data Analysis Queries
This paper presents a visual diagram-centered notation for SPARQL select query formulation, capable to handle aggregate/statistics queries and hierarchic queries with subquery structure, supported by a web-based prototype tool.
Visual Query Environment over RDF Data
The interactive ViziQuer environment for composing rich visual queries over SPARQL endpoints is demonstrated and the user study results on the query environment usability are discussed.
Schema-Based Visual Queries over Linked Data Endpoints
The option to use the schema-based visual query tool ViziQuer over realistic Linked Data endpoints and the means for the endpoint schema retrieval both from an OWL ontology and from a SPARQL endpoint are presented.
Schema-Backed Visual Queries over Europeana and Other Linked Data Resources
The schema extraction process can be applied also to other data endpoints with a moderate data schema size and a potentially large data triple count, as e.g., British National Bibliography Linked data resource.
Visual Queries over Scholarly Data and other Linked Data Endpoints
The pipeline of enabling visual query creation over a SPARQL endpoint and ready-to-use data schemas over existing public Linked data endpoints is presented, available in the ViziQuer Schema store.
Visual Query Formulation: Generating SQLP queries using EER diagrams
A visual query system was created to allow users to load extended entity relationship diagrams and use them to construct queries, but it was found that the checking of valid attribute paths is a dynamic process that requires a large grammar and is limiting factor of the queries that can be created.
Materialization of OWL Ontologies from Relational Databases: A Practical Approach
A prototype tool is presented that can access an H2 database, allowing the user to explicitly express mappings, and populating an ontology that can be saved for later querying, and devised a language for specifying the underlying schema of the CSV file.
RDF Explorer: A Visual SPARQL Query Builder
A language is proposed that relaxes expectations of how to formulate queries in a language such as SPARQL, and its operators are based on an interactive graph-based exploration that allows non-expert users to simultaneously navigate and query knowledge graphs.
Fast Approximate Autocompletion for SPARQL Query Builders
An autocompletion technique based on a graph summary that aims to strike a balance by over-approximating relevant results in an e-cient manner is proposed.
Surfer dans l'Otletosphère Des outils pour visualiser et interroger le réseau de Paul Otlet
Nous presentons dans cet article les outils que nous avons mis en place afin d'etudier le reseau d'acteurs qui gravitent autour la figure du pere de la documentation : Paul Otlet. A travers la


ViziQuer: Notation and Tool for Data Analysis SPARQL Queries
The UML class diagram style notation and its implementation within the ViziQuer tool allows for rich value selection and condition expression language, as well as integrated data aggregation facilities, both essential for data analysis query definition.
ViziQuer: A Tool to Explore and Query SPARQL Endpoints
The presented tool is simple to use as a user needs only to enter an address of a SPARQL endpoint of one's interest and the tool will extract and visualize graphically the data schema of the endpoint.
Extended UML Class Diagram Constructs for Visual SPARQL Queries in ViziQuer/web
An initial user study validating the understandability of the subquery notion by users without specific IT training is reported, as well as implementation of the proposed notation constructs in a web-based diagrammatic (multi-modal) query tool.
QueryVOWL: Visual Composition of SPARQL Queries
A web-based prototype that supports the creation, modification, and evaluation of QueryVOWL graphs and provides suggestions for extending the query, and retrieves IRIs and literals according to the selections in the QueryVowL graph is presented.
SPARQL Aggregate Queries Made Easy with Diagrammatic Query Language ViziQuer
A novel way to draw SPARQL aggregate queries via diagrammatic query language – ViziQuer is presented.
Experiencing OptiqueVQS: a multi-paradigm and ontology-based visual query system for end users
The results of a usability experiment performed with non-expert users suggest that OptiqueVQS provides a decent level of expressivity and high usability and hence is quite promising.
SPARQL 1 . 1 Query Language
    Getting Started with Meteor JavaScript Framework
    • Packt Publishing Ltd,
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