Vivianita de los lodos del Embalse de Proserpina (Mérida, Badajoz)

  title={Vivianita de los lodos del Embalse de Proserpina (M{\'e}rida, Badajoz)},
  author={A. Hern{\'a}ndez-Pacheco and {\'A}ngel La Iglesia and Soledad Fern{\'a}ndez Sant{\'i}n},
A neoformed mineral generated in the muds of the dam of Proserpina, Merida, Extremadura, is studied by chemical analysis, optical microscopy and XR diffraction methods. The analytical data confirm the mineral as vivianite, an iron hydrated phosphate, that appears currently in sedimentary deposits associated to bones, decomposed wood and other organic residues. The chemical data show a high percentage of ferric iron, due to the oxidation of the ferrous ion, that give and intense blue colour to… CONTINUE READING

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