Vivekananda's Ramakrsna: an Untold Story of Mythmaking and Propaganda

  title={Vivekananda's Ramakrsna: an Untold Story of Mythmaking and Propaganda},
  author={Narasingha Prosad Sil},
The author argues that the familiar Vedantin and messiah image of Rāmakrsna Paramahamsa was created deliberately by his great disciple Svāmā Vivekananda. The Svāmī's global Hindu evangelical mission called for the master's respectable image. Hence he rejected the sincere rendering of the Paramahamsa's biographies by others and, in place of the rustic ecstatic but authentic Gadadhar, fabricated the awesome figure of a modern messiah-the Vedantin Paramahamsa. This paper documents the history of… CONTINUE READING