Vitiligo and juvenile diabetes mellitus.

  title={Vitiligo and juvenile diabetes mellitus.},
  author={C I Macaron and Robert J Winter and Howard S. Traisman and Barry D. Kahan and A E Lasser and Orville C. Green},
  journal={Archives of dermatology},
  volume={113 11},
Five juvenile diabetics had vitiligo. In two children, the vitiligo preceded the onset of diabetes. Four of the five patients had thyroid, adrenal, or gastric antibodies or a combination of these. In three children HLA-B8 antigens were detected, and one additional patient had HLA-Bw15. Of eight nondiabetic children with vitiligo, one had abnormal glucose tolerance. To the evidence supporting an autoimmune form of diabetes mellitus we add another observation: the association of insulin-dependent… CONTINUE READING