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Vitamina A no leite materno : influência do estado nutricional de lactantes e da composição do leite

  title={Vitamina A no leite materno : influ{\^e}ncia do estado nutricional de lactantes e da composiç{\~a}o do leite},
  author={Adriana Medeiros Fustinoni},
The milk is the only source of vitamin A to children who are only breastfed in its first months of life. Adequate levels of vitamin A in milk are important because children born with low level of it in the liver. The presence of this nutrient in milk has been used as an indicator of nutritional status of this vitamin in infants and mothers. Some factors may be related to mothers' nutritional status of vitamin A in these women who breastfeed. The objective of this work was to check whether… 
Retinol, carotenoides e tocoferóis do leite humano e aspectos antropométricos, bioquímicos e dietéticos de nutrizes adolescentes e adultas
The main results suggest the early breastfeeding as the primary source of protection for newborn’s development and strengthening of the immune system, since their replacements had lower antioxidant power.
Analysis of serum retinol levels in nursing mothers with and without gestational diabetes mellitus attended in a public maternity hospital in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil
The results show the importance of monitoring the levels of this vitamin during pregnancy, especially when the mother has diabetes mellitus, to prevent other pathological complications in her and the infant.
Serum and colostrum retinol profile in postpartum women in a Brazilian public maternity and its association with maternal and obstetric characteristics
This cross sectional study included 97 healthy postpartum women classified according to age, nutritional status, parity, mode of delivery, newborn’s weight and gestational age to establish the prevalence of vitamin A deficiency (VAD) in this population.
Perfil de retinol no soro e colostro de puérperas atendidas em maternidade pública Brasileira e sua associação com características maternas e obstétricas
O risco de DVA pode ocorrer em gestantes/puerperas independentemente das caracteristicas maternas e obstetricas consideradas, a fim of prevenir a instalacao da DVA e garantir a reducao dos indices de morbimortalidade infantil e materna.