Vitamin K1 and K2 in infant human liver.

  title={Vitamin K1 and K2 in infant human liver.},
  author={Sahar Kayata and Carl G. Kindberg and Frank R. Greer and John W. Suttie},
  journal={Journal of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition},
  volume={8 3},
It is not known to what extent humans store vitamin K in liver. We measured hepatic concentrations of vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) and K2 (menaquinones) in 11 human livers (eight infants and three adults). Relatively small amounts of vitamin K were found in the liver at any age compared to other fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin K1 was the predominant form with much smaller concentrations of vitamin K2. Long-chain menaquinones (vitamin K2) were readily identified in most liver specimens. Hepatic… CONTINUE READING

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