Vitamin-D-receptor-gene polymorphisms and change in lumbar-spine bone mineral density.

  title={Vitamin-D-receptor-gene polymorphisms and change in lumbar-spine bone mineral density.},
  author={Serge Ferrari and Ren{\'e} R Rizzoli and Thierry Chevalley and Daniel O. Slosman and John A. Eisman and J. P. Bonjour},
  volume={345 8947},
Common vitamin-D-receptor (VDR) gene allelic variants predict bone mineral density. We analysed VDR alleles and rate of change of lumbar-spine bone mineral density over 18 months in 72 elderly subjects. 9 BB homozygotes lost bone mineral density but 26 homozygotes for the alternative genotype (bb) did not (mean change -2.3 [SE 1.0] vs 0.9 [0.7]% per year, p < 0.05), irrespective of calcium intake. Among 37 heterozygotes (Bb), however, change in bone mineral density correlated with calcium… CONTINUE READING