Vitamin B12 and folate. Pediatric reference ranges.

  title={Vitamin B12 and folate. Pediatric reference ranges.},
  author={Jocelyn M. Hicks and James A Cook and Ian Douglas Godwin and Steven John Soldin},
  journal={Archives of pathology & laboratory medicine},
  volume={117 7},
Pediatric reference ranges were obtained for vitamin B12 and folate (Quantaphase radioimmunoassay, BioRad, Hercules, Calif) using a large hospital population. Data were analyzed employing the Hoffman approach, which was computer adapted. For folic acid, the range for subjects aged 1 to 12 years averaged 5.7 to 31.3 nmol/L for female subjects and 4.5 to 27.0 nmol/L for male subjects. There was a significant decrease in folic acid concentrations after 13 years, the upper limit being 16.5 nmol/L… CONTINUE READING