Vitamin B supplementation for leg cramps during pregnancy

  title={Vitamin B supplementation for leg cramps during pregnancy},
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The effect of Vitamin D and calcium plus Vitamin D on leg cramps in pregnant women: A randomized controlled trial
Results showed that controlling for the effects before the intervention, calcium-Vitamin D, and Vitamin D supplements had no effect on the frequency, length, and pain intensity of leg cramps during the 6 weeks of the study.
Interventions for leg cramps in pregnancy.
Magnesium (taken orally for two to four weeks) did not consistently reduce the frequency of leg cramps compared with placebo or no treatment, and a greater proportion of women receiving calcium supplements experienced no leg cramping after treatment than those receiving no treatment.
Interventions for leg cramps in pregnancy.
The evidence is unclear about the effect of calcium supplements on frequency of leg cramps because the certainty was found to be very low and certainty of evidence was assessed as either low or very-low due to serious limitations in study design and imprecision.
Magnesium for skeletal muscle cramps.
It is unlikely that magnesium supplementation provides clinically meaningful cramp prophylaxis to older adults experiencing skeletal muscle cramps.
Non-drug therapies for lower limb muscle cramps.
There is limited evidence on which to base clinical decisions regarding the use of non-drug therapies for the treatment of lower limb muscle cramp, and there is an urgent need to carefully evaluate many of the commonly recommended and emerging non- drug therapies in well designed randomised controlled trials.
Magnesium for skeletal muscle cramps.
Assessment of the effects of magnesium supplementation compared to no treatment, placebo control or other cramp therapies in people with skeletal muscle cramps found differences in measures of cramp frequency were small, not statistically significant, and showed minimal heterogeneity.
Nutrient Requirements during Pregnancy and Lactation
The aim of this review is to evaluate the knowledge in the scientific literature on the current recommendations for the intake of the most common micronutrients and omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy and lactation in the United States, Canada, and Europe.
Association between vitamin B12 intake and EURRECA's prioritized biomarkers of vitamin B12 in young populations: a systematic review
The observations in the current systematic review justify the idea of performing well-designed studies on vitamin B12 in young populations by searching electronic databases using a standardized strategy developed in the EURRECA network.
Muscle Cramps During Pregnancy
Muscle cramps in the lower extremities are common during pregnancy — mostly during the second half of pregnancy and often at night. Proposed treatments


Skeletal muscle cramps during exercise.
Treatment for exercise-associated muscle cramping consists mainly of passive stretching, with supportive measures as needed, and special diagnostic studies and conditioning programs may be necessary for recurrent episodes.
Intervention for cramps in pregnancy
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