Vitamin A, Action on the Human Body: A Review Study

  • Ion Castravet
  • Published 2017


Vitamin A and its associated compounds the retinoids are implicated in a lot of useful and necessary biological functions of the human body. The retinoids are considered as an essential element in the mechanism of image formation on the retina and as an indispensable element that intervenes in the cell cycle (growth, differentiation and proliferation). The potential effects of retinoids on other organ systems of the human body has only encouraged the researchers to include the vitamin A on their research list in order to identify all its benefits and applications. The importance of these findings implies that they could play a major role in medicine as do their relatives the steroids. The goal of this research paper consists in investigating the influence of the vitamin A on the human organism, as well as determining its procedures of identification, dosage and extraction. Theoretical and practical importance of this work is confirmed by the main analysis and conclusions made at the end of the research which can contribute in the development of other researches on the impact of vitamin A to the human body and on the procedures of its identification, dosing and extraction.

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