Visuospatial function in Parkinson's disease.


Previous research on visuospatial function in Parkinson's disease is reviewed. The present experiment was designed to test two fundamental aspects of spatial ability, namely right-left discrimination and the manipulation of those concepts in different spatial perspectives. Measures of accuracy and reaction time were taken. The performance of patients with Parkinson's disease did not differ from that of normal subjects in the spatial components of the task. Neither a review of the literature, nor the results of the present study, give support to the idea of a generalized visuospatial deficit in Parkinson's disease.


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@article{Brown1986VisuospatialFI, title={Visuospatial function in Parkinson's disease.}, author={Richard G. Brown and Chris Marsden}, journal={Brain : a journal of neurology}, year={1986}, volume={109 ( Pt 5)}, pages={987-1002} }