Visually guided motor imagery activates sensorimotor areas in humans.

  title={Visually guided motor imagery activates sensorimotor areas in humans.},
  author={Gert Pfurtscheller and Christa Neuper and Herbert Ramoser and Johannes M{\"u}ller-Gerking},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={269 3},
Stimulus-related changes in ongoing electroencephalography (EEG) over sensorimotor areas were investigated during a visually cued motor imagery task. Four subjects were instructed to imagine one-sided hand movements in response to visual cue stimuli. The EEG was recorded from central areas using 27 electrodes set at distances of 2.5 cm. The method of common spatial filters was used to extract discriminatory information of EEG patterns recorded during the two motor imagery conditions. Single EEG… CONTINUE READING
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