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Visualizing and Understanding Large-Scale Assessments in Mathematics through Dimensionality Reduction.

  title={Visualizing and Understanding Large-Scale Assessments in Mathematics through Dimensionality Reduction.},
  author={Esdras Medeiros and Jorge Lira and Romildo Silva and Caio L. N. Azevedo},
  journal={arXiv: Applications},
In this paper, we apply the Logistic PCA (LPCA) as a dimensionality reduction tool for visualizing patterns and characterizing the relevance of mathematics abilities from a given population measured by a large-scale assessment. Particularly, we analyse the data collected from SPAECE, a large-scale assessment in mathematics that has been applied yearly in the public educational system of the state of Cear\'a, Brazil. As the main result, we show that the the poor performance of examinees in the… 

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