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Visualizing and Analyzing Entity Activity on the Bitcoin Network

  title={Visualizing and Analyzing Entity Activity on the Bitcoin Network},
  author={Christoph Kinkeldey and Jean-Daniel Fekete and Tanja Blascheck and Petra Isenberg},
We present BitConduite, a visual analytics tool for explorative analysis of financial activity within the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency worldwide and a phenomenon that challenges the underpinnings of traditional financial systems - its users can send money pseudo-anonymously while circumventing traditional banking systems. Yet, despite the fact that all financial transactions in Bitcoin are available in an openly accessible online ledger - the blockchain - not much is… 
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Visualization of Blockchain Data: A Systematic Review
A systematic review of visual analytics tools used for the analysis of blockchains-related data looks at which aspects of blockchain data have already been explored and point out areas that deserve more investigation in the future.


BitConduite: Visualizing and Analyzing Activity on the Bitcoin Network
The system BitConduite offers a data transformation back end that gives an entity-based access to the blockchain data and a visualization front end that supports a novel high-level view on transactions over time that facilitates the exploration of activity through filtering and clustering interactions.
Exploring Entity Behavior on the Bitcoin Blockchain
A visual exploration system for analyzing the behavior of individual entities exchanging Bitcoins by clustering addresses and displaying transaction detail for individual entities.
BitIodine: Extracting Intelligence from the Bitcoin Network
A modular framework, BitIodine, which parses the blockchain, clusters addresses that are likely to belong to a same user or group of users, classifies such users and labels them, and finally visualizes complex information extracted from the Bitcoin network is presented.
Analyzing the Bitcoin Network: The First Four Years
This explorative study examines the economy and transaction network of the decentralized digital currency Bitcoin during the first four years of its existence and establishes and analyze a novel integrated dataset that enriches data from the Bitcoin blockchain with off-network data such as business categories and geo-locations.
Visualizing Dynamic Bitcoin Transaction Patterns
The high-fidelity visualizations demonstrated in this article allowed for collaborative discovery of unexpected high frequency transaction patterns, including automated laundering operations, and the evolution of multiple distinct algorithmic denial of service attacks on the Bitcoin network.
Data-driven analysis of Bitcoin properties: exploiting the users graph
This paper presents the analysis assessing classical graph properties like densification, distance analysis, degree distribution, clustering coefficient and several centrality measures on the users graph inferred from the bitcoin blockchain, dumped in December 2015, after the occurrence of the exponential explosion in the number of transactions.
BitExTract: Interactive Visualization for Extracting Bitcoin Exchange Intelligence
BitExTract is presented, an interactive visual analytics system, which is the first attempt to explore the evolutionary transaction patterns of Bitcoin exchanges from two perspectives, namely, exchange versus exchange and exchange versus client.
Go with the -Bitcoin- Flow, with Visual Analytics
This work employs techniques from Visual Analytics to filter out undesired information in order to obtain a tool to visually analyse the transactions of bitcoin and help its analysis.
Bitconeview: visualization of flows in the bitcoin transaction graph
A system for the visual analysis of how and when a flow of Bitcoins mixes with other flows in the transaction graph relies on high-level metaphors for the representation of the graph and the size and characteristics of transactions, allowing for high level analysis of big portions of it.
Anonymity of Bitcoin Transactions An Analysis of Mixing Services
This paper evaluates three special bitcoin mixing services – Bitcoin Fog, BitLaundry, and the Send Shared functionality of Blockchain.info – by analyzing the transaction graph and is able to find a direct relation between the input and output transactions in the graph of Bit laundry.