Visualizing a one-way protein encounter complex by ultrafast single-molecule mixing

  title={Visualizing a one-way protein encounter complex by ultrafast single-molecule mixing},
  author={Yann Gambin and Virginia Vandelinder and Allan Chris M Ferreon and Edward A Lemke and Alex Groisman and Ashok A Deniz},
  booktitle={Nature Methods},
We combined rapid microfluidic mixing with single-molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer to study the folding kinetics of the intrinsically disordered human protein α-synuclein. The time-resolution of 0.2 ms revealed initial collapse of the unfolded protein induced by binding with lipid mimics and subsequent rapid formation of transient structures in the encounter complex. The method also enabled analysis of rapid dissociation and unfolding of weakly bound complexes triggered by… CONTINUE READING

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