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Visualizing Instagram: Tracing Cultural Visual Rhythms

  title={Visualizing Instagram: Tracing Cultural Visual Rhythms},
  author={N. Hochman and R. Schwartz},
  booktitle={ICWSM 2012},
  • N. Hochman, R. Schwartz
  • Published in ICWSM 2012
  • Computer Science
  • Picture-taking has never been easier. [...] Key Method In this study we use Cultural Analytics visualization techniques for the study of approximately 550,000 images taken by users of the location-based social photo sharing application Instagram. By analyzing images from New York City and Tokyo, we offer a comparative visualization research that indicates differences in local color usage, cultural production rate, and varied hue’s intensities— all form a unique, local, ‘Visual Rhythm’: a framework for the…Expand Abstract
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