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Visualizing Collective Discursive User Interactions in Online Life Science Communities

  title={Visualizing Collective Discursive User Interactions in Online Life Science Communities},
  author={Dhiraj Murthy and Alexander Gross and Stephanie Bond},
This paper highlights the rationale for the development of BioViz, a tool to help visualize the existence of collective user interactions in online life science communities. The first community studied has approximately 22,750 unique users and the second has 35,000. Making sense of the number of interactions between actors in these networks in order to discern patterns of collective organization and intelligent behavior is challenging. One of the complications is that forums - our object of… 


The structure of scientific collaboration networks.
  • M. Newman
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
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It is shown that these collaboration networks form "small worlds," in which randomly chosen pairs of scientists are typically separated by only a short path of intermediate acquaintances.
Sociomics! Using the IssueCrawler to map, monitor and engage with the global proteomics research network
The findings are that proteomics on the web is a scale‐free network whose nodes display considerable "dynamic range" and can be integrated towards the development of a new “ systems sociology” approach to the study of society.
Extracting Opinions, Opinion Holders, and Topics Expressed in Online News Media Text
This method uses semantic role labeling as an intermediate step to label an opinion holder and topic using data from FrameNet, and decomposes the task into three phases: identifying an opinion-bearing word, labeling semantic roles related to the word in the sentence, and then finding the holder and the topic of the opinion word among the labeled semantic roles.
Social Network Analysis
  • T. Snijders
  • Computer Science
    International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science
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A Protein Interaction Map of Drosophila melanogaster
This map serves as a starting point for a systems biology modeling of multicellular organisms, including humans, and recapitulated known pathways, extended pathways, and uncovered previously unknown pathway components.
Trust Expectations, Information Sharing, Climate of Trust, and Negotiation Effectiveness and Efficiency
Trust expectations, information quantity shared, the climate of trust, and negotiated outcomes were investigated. Initial trust expectation was manipulated, and participants provided data about the
The Opte Project [CC-BY-2.5] via Wikimedia Commons (Producer)
  • The Opte Project [CC-BY-2.5] via Wikimedia Commons (Producer)
The structure of scientifi
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