Visualizations: The Nature Book of Art and Science

  title={Visualizations: The Nature Book of Art and Science},
  author={Patricia Fara},
  • P. Fara
  • Published 1 March 2001
  • Art
  • Endeavour
Illustrations and (l) imitations in Western art and Science: A critical biography of intersections in the co-creation of liberal humanism
This paper offers a critical biography revealing certain historical intersections and divisions between Western art and science and points to specific moments where they have worked together through
Definiendo jalones para un acercamiento a la historia de las imágenes científicas
espanolEl presente trabajo propone un primer acercamiento al recorrido historico de la ilustracion cientifica, con el fin de determinar su sentido, su cometido y el papel que viene asumiendo en
Leibniz’s Concept of Agens in Matter, Space, and Image
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz rejected the separation of res cogitans and res extensa that his esteemed rival René Descartes had declared the basis of all philosophy as an assumption that was
Locating disease spread: cholera to coronavirus and the art of the image
The history of medical image-making is considered to shed light on an aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic to trace how images have provided the means for discovery, for description and for diagnosis and outline the different ways in which diseases have been located in the history of the medical image.
The role of aesthetics in learning science in an art-science lesson
ABSTRACT In this paper, we analyse results from one classroom session within an 8-week program in which Year 10 students constructed ‘trash’ puppets of endangered Australian animals. In making the
Visualizations of the small military drone: normalization through ‘naturalization’
We are in the midst of a global turn to the drone. Responding to the ‘unmanning’ of contemporary warfare, interdisciplinary scholarship has interrogated the human operators and non-human actors und...
How Do Competitive Neurocognitive Processes Contribute to Artistic Cognition? The Andras-Effect
The visual arts can speak for themselves, yet we are often directed to analyze the artwork to extract the artist’s hidden thought process. But can we go beyond the artwork itself to understand how
Karakteristik seni dan sains atau Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam (IPA) yang memiliki kesamaan dan saling melengkapi satu sama lain telah mendorong upaya untuk menghubungkan seni dan sains dalam pendidikan
‘Flying is writing and Lindbergh’s flight a poem’: William Carlos Williams’s theorising poetry and science through Marianne Moore and Gertrude Stein
  • Elin Käck
  • Art, Education
    European Journal of English Studies
  • 2018
ABSTRACT Like most of his contemporaries, the American physician and poet William Carlos Williams regularly wrote criticism on the work of other poets of his generation. Like many modernists,
Scanning Electron Microscope: Transmigration of Scientific Photography into the Domain of Art
The author’s visual art project is concentrated in the specific area of scientific photography of the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), which has expanded the boundaries of observation and