Visualization of oceanographic applications using a common data model


Due to the rapid development of ocean observation technology, the volume of ocean data is increasing exponentially. To better utilize these data, more and more computational methods have been applied to exploring, sharing, and processing such data. Although great efforts have been made, there is an urgent need for a single platform containing a set of visualization components for every kind of ocean data. This paper presents a distributed, scalable and service-oriented visualization platform. The development of the platform is based on a common data model, by which ocean data with different spatial and temporal distribution can be organized and accessed in a uniform fashion, which sets a solid foundation for designing and implementing all kinds of visualization components and facilitates collaborative oceanographic research. The platform is run in China Ocean Observation System (COOS), and enables easy and convenient development of all kinds of visualization components for professionals and the general public and greatly advances ocean data sharing and scientific research collaboration.

DOI: 10.1145/2554850.2554859

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