Visualization is magic!


There is a wonderful time for those who are working with visualization. We have many opportunities to make an exhibition of visualization to the beginners, such as freshmen of university, high school or junior high school students and children at elementary school. When people without any knowledge about visualization first see the visualization, such as milk poured into stirred coffee, strange cloud shed over the mountain, leaves floating on a river, and more technically impressive example, i.e., steam from a humidifier illuminated by a laser light sheet and so on, they will think, "It's magic!" It is a great pleasure for a visualization scientist to let them find this magic. Suppose that you would be a magician. You can fascinate the audience with your visualization technique. Let's have a fun of being a magician. But recently, it is a pity that there are only few papers which are written by really good magicians even in the Journal of Visualization. No new technique is needed, nor the special equipment is need. If you have only have a small piece of sense of visualization that you like it, it will be very easy to make the magic! Let's make fun of it. The 10th Anniversary Ceremony for JOV has been held in Tokyo on July 24 during the 35th Symposium on Visualization in Japan. The editors of the current issue are very happy to compile the articles of the special lectures, which were given in the Ceremony, of Prof. Nakayama and of Prof. Kobayashi in this volume.

DOI: 10.1007/BF03181900

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