Visualization in Marine Science

  title={Visualization in Marine Science},
  author={Eric Wolanski and Simon Spagnol and Patrick Gentien and Malcolm L. Spaulding and David Prandle},
  journal={Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science},
Most marine scientists will have attended meetings or read papers where authors struggle to explain underlying processes hidden in vast, complex data sets originating from observations and/or models. These authors used a large number of graphs and displayed large tables to distil some meaningful characteristics, but all too often the reader is left puzzled or unconvinced. In part this reflects the spatial and temporal complexity of the marine environment. A range of data analysis techniques and… 

Explorative coastal oceanographic visual analytics : oceans of data

This thesis explores a visualization and visual analytics solution for predictive studies of coastal shelf and estuarine modelled, hydrodynamics undertaken to understand sea level rise, as a contribution to wider climate change studies, and to underpin coastal zone planning, flood prevention and extreme event management.

SeaVizKit: Interactive Maps for Ocean Visualization

This work presents a 3D (spatial) + 1 (temporal) multi-resolution multivariate visualization tool that produces interactive, dynamic, fast and portable ocean maps.

Coastal Shelf Visualization using VTK and OpenDX of Hydro-Informatic Numerical Models

This paper presents a discussion of two prototype visualization tools developed to represent coastal shelf tidal flow data where the data was simulated using TELEMAC-2D numerical model datasets and various strengths and and weaknesses of each system are discussed.

Using Processing to Develop iCove: a Tool for Interactive Coastal Oceanographic Visualization

The experience of building iCove in Processing is presented especially in comparison with the previous oceanographic tool building in VTK.