Visualization and measurement of DNA methyltransferase activity in living cells.

  title={Visualization and measurement of DNA methyltransferase activity in living cells.},
  author={Lothar Schermelleh and Fabio Spada and Heinrich Leonhardt},
  journal={Current protocols in cell biology},
  volume={Chapter 22},
          Unit 22.12
In this unit, a live-cell assay to measure DNA (cytosine-5) methyltransferase (MTase) activity at the single-cell level is described. This method takes advantage of the irreversible binding of enzymatically active MTases to genomic DNA substituted with the mechanism-based inhibitor 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine (5-aza-dC). The procedure comprises incorporation of this nucleoside analog into DNA during replication and quantification of the time-dependent MTase immobilization by fluorescence recovery… CONTINUE READING


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