Visualisation of the Zona Incerta for Deep Brain Stimulation at 3.0 Tesla

  title={Visualisation of the Zona Incerta for Deep Brain Stimulation at 3.0 Tesla},
  author={Hans Ulrich Kerl and Lars Gerigk and Sonia Huck and Mansour Al-Zghloul and Christoph Groden and Ingo S. Noelte},
  journal={Clinical Neuroradiology},
Deep-brain stimulation (DBS) of the zona incerta (ZI) has shown promising results for medication-refractory neurological disorders including Parkinson’s disease (PD) and essential tremor (ET). The success of the intervention is indispensably dependent on the reliable visualisation of the ZI. The aim of the study was to evaluate different promising new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods at 3.0 Tesla for pre-stereotactic visualisation of the ZI using a standard installation the protocol… CONTINUE READING


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