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Visualisation of small fluid droplets on biological and artificial surfaces using the cryo-SEM approach

  title={Visualisation of small fluid droplets on biological and artificial surfaces using the cryo-SEM approach},
  author={S. Gorb and D. Voigt and E. Gorb},
  • S. Gorb, D. Voigt, E. Gorb
  • Published 2007
  • Materials Science
  • Visualisation of small fluid droplets at a high resolution in the scanning electron microscope is a challenging task, especially if they have to be observed at the interface between two solid substrates. This report describes a Cryo-SEM approach, successfully applied for visualising droplets of various fluids, deposited on the substrates or located at the interface between two surfaces. Fragile plant trichomes, bearing glandular heads, filled (Lycopersicon) or covered with adhesive fluids… CONTINUE READING
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