Visual tracking for multi-modality computer-assisted image guidance

  title={Visual tracking for multi-modality computer-assisted image guidance},
  author={Ehsan Basafa and Pezhman Foroughi and Martin Ho{\ss}bach and Jasmine Bhanushali and Philipp J. Stolka},
  booktitle={Medical Imaging},
With optical cameras, many interventional navigation tasks previously relying on EM, optical, or mechanical guidance can be performed robustly, quickly, and conveniently. We developed a family of novel guidance systems based on wide-spectrum cameras and vision algorithms for real-time tracking of interventional instruments and multi-modality markers. These navigation systems support the localization of anatomical targets, support placement of imaging probe and instruments, and provide fusion… 

Three-dimensional multimodal medical imaging system based on freehand ultrasound and structured light

Experimental results show the three-dimensional multimodal medical imaging system that combines freehand ultrasound and structured light 3D reconstruction in a single coordinate system without requiring registration's high accuracy and reproducibility, as well as its potential for preoperative and intraoperative applications.

High-Precision 5DoF Tracking and Visualization of Catheter Placement in External Ventricular Drainage of the Brain using Augmented Reality

The technique uses a new linear marker detection method that requires minimal changes to the catheter and is well-suited for tracking other thin medical devices that require high-precision tracking.

Augmented reality-assisted biopsy of soft tissue lesions

An augmented reality (AR)-guided biopsy system and procedure for soft tissue and lung lesions and results using a phantom study are presented and the AR-guided system is able to improve the accuracy and could be useful in the clinical application.

High-Precision 5DoF Tracking and Visualization of Catheter Placement in EVD of the Brain Using AR

The technique uses a new linear marker detection method that requires minimal changes to the catheter and is well suited for tracking other thin medical devices that require high-precision tracking.

MarkerPose: Robust Real-time Planar Target Tracking for Accurate Stereo Pose Estimation

This work proposes MarkerPose, a robust, real-time pose estimation system based on a planar target of three circles and a stereo vision system, and introduces EllipSegNet, a lightweight ellipse segmentation network for sub-pixel-level accuracy keypoint detection.

New Ultrasound Technology Is a Useful Training Adjunct for Invasive Procedures

Clear Guide ONE, a Food and Drug Administration–approved technology, overlays real‐time virtual instrument navigation onto ultrasound displays to allow visualization of expected instrument trajectory prior to needle puncture, ensuring alignment with the target.

Pose-Based Multi-Target Tracking

The experiments of human multitarget tracking algorithm are carried out on the PoseTrack and MOT datasets, and the results show that the proposed tracking algorithm overcomes the problem of target matching between frames.

Smartglasses/smartphone needle guidance AR system for transperineal prostate procedures

AR system using smart-glasses and smartphone can provide accurate needle guidance and see-through-the-skin display for needle based transperineal prostate interventions like biopsy and ablation.



Needle Guidance Using Handheld Stereo Vision and Projection for Ultrasound-Based Interventions

The low-cost, easy-to-use approach used in the Clear Guide ONE generic navigation accessory for ultrasound machines is described, different available guidance methods are outlined, and accuracy results from phantom trials are provided.

Navigation with local sensors in handheld 3D ultrasound: initial in-vivo experience

This work proposes to use a bracket with a combination of very low-cost local sensors - cameras with projectors, optical mice and accelerometers - to reconstruct patient surfaces, needle poses, and the probe trajectory with multiple degrees of freedom, but no global tracking overhead.

Fast, Intuitive, Vision-Based: Performance Metrics for Visual Registration, Instrument Guidance, and Image Fusion

This work characterize the performance of an ultrasound+computed tomography image fusion and instrument guidance system on phantoms, animals, and patients based on a visual tracking approach and shows externally-induced tissue displacements in real time.

AprilTag: A robust and flexible visual fiducial system

  • E. Olson
  • Computer Science
    2011 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
  • 2011
This work describes a new visual fiducial system that uses a 2D bar code style “tag”, allowing full 6 DOF localization of features from a single image, incorporating a fast and robust line detection system, a stronger digital coding system, and greater robustness to occlusion, warping, and lens distortion.

Ultrasound guidance reduces pneumothorax rate and improves safety of thoracentesis in malignant pleural effusion: report on 445 consecutive patients with advanced cancer

The routine use of US guidance during thoracentesis drastically reduces the rate of pneumothorax and tube thoracostomy in oncological patients, thus improving safety as demonstrated in this study.

Real-time simulation of the nonlinear visco-elastic deformations of soft tissues

The proposed real time simulation model of soft tissue deformation due to a Laparoscopic surgical indenter was efficient, realistic, and accurate in ex vivo testing and is a suitable candidate for testing in vivo during laparoscopic surgery.

A threshold selection method from gray level histograms

A nonparametric and unsupervised method ofautomatic threshold selection for picture segmentation is presented. An optimal threshold is selected by the discriminant criterion, namely, so as to

Absolute position measurement using pseudo-random binary encoding

The new method is based on the properties of pseudo-random binary sequences and has the notable advantage of requiring only one bit of code per quantization interval, which makes absolute position measurement more accessible for very high resolution applications.

Evaluation of the Clear Guide ONE System vs. Conventional Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Cannulation in Swine

  • Proc. ELSO (2016) Proc. of SPIE Vol
  • 2016