Visual responses and connectivity in the turtle pretectum.

  title={Visual responses and connectivity in the turtle pretectum.},
  author={Tian Xing Fan and Amy E Weber and Gary E. Pickard and Kevin M. Faber and Michael Ariel},
  journal={Journal of neurophysiology},
  volume={73 6},
1. Using an isolated turtle brain preparation, we made extracellular spike recordings in the dorsal midbrain during visual stimulation. Single units were isolated by their response to a slow-moving full-field visual pattern imaged on the contralateral retina. This stimulus elicits responses from the basal optic nucleus (BON) and the cerebellar cortex using a similar preparation. Direction and speed tuning were then analyzed, as well as the size and position of the receptive field. 2. In one… CONTINUE READING
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