Visual lateralization in birds: from neurotrophins to cognition?

  title={Visual lateralization in birds: from neurotrophins to cognition?},
  author={Onur G{\"u}nt{\"u}rk{\"u}n},
  journal={European journal of morphology},
  volume={35 4},
Birds which are tested monocularly in visual discrimination tasks generally show higher performance levels with the right eye seeing. Due to the virtual complete decussation of the optic nerves, a right eye superiority is probably related to a left hemisphere dominance. If visual processes between the hemispheres differ, each half-brain might be differently prone to be deceived by visual illusions. Indeed pigeons tested with the herringbone illusions are deceived to a stronger extent with the… CONTINUE READING


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Ascending and descending mechanisms of visual lateralization in pigeons.

Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences • 2009
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