Visual field loss after attacks of migraine with aura.


Visual fields were mapped with kinetic are perimetry in 23 migraine with aura subjects and, for comparison, in 20 migraine without aura subjects and in 21 non-headache controls. Central vision on the Amsler eye chart and visual perception threshold on a computer task were also investigated. Measures were obtained at least seven days after an episode of migraine. In addition, 10 of the migraine with aura subjects and 10 migraine without aura subjects were studied the day after an attack. The day after migraine with aura, visual sensitivity in the periphery of the visual fields was depressed, central vision was blurred, and visual perception threshold was elevated. These visual disturbances had resolved 7 to 10 days later. With the exception of a minor increase in visual perception threshold, vision was normal after attacks of migraine without aura. Residual effects of the migraine aura could mediate the subclinical visual disturbances which persist for at least one day after attacks of migraine with aura.


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