Visual evoked potentials to stimuli in apparent motion.

  title={Visual evoked potentials to stimuli in apparent motion.},
  author={Mr. Mark L. Manning and David C. Finlay and B. Fenelon},
  journal={Vision research},
  volume={28 9},
Following an extensive single subject pilot study 12 Ss viewed a continuously cycling (3 Hz), two stimulus, apparent motion (AM) display. The "AM breakdown effect" was utilised to gather visual evoked potentials (VEPs) from sites O1, O2, T5, T6, P3, and P4 during periods in which the display elicited either: the percept of motion; or the percept of two discrete alternating stimuli. VEPs displayed components of larger amplitude during motion periods in all right (but no left) hemisphere sites… CONTINUE READING

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