Visual evoked potentials in relation to factors of imprisonment in detention camps

  title={Visual evoked potentials in relation to factors of imprisonment in detention camps},
  author={A. Vrca and Velimir Bo{\vz}ikov and Zdravko Brzovi{\'c} and R Fuchs and Marta Malinar},
  journal={International Journal of Legal Medicine},
Visual evoked potentials (VEPs) of the pattern shift reversal type were determined in a representative group of 57 prisoners of war (POWs) released in 1992 from detention camps in former Yugoslavia. The parameters were correlated with the conditions in four camps (1–4). All subjects were male, with a mean age of 34.75 years (SD ± 8.92), average length of imprisonment 192.7 days (SD ± 77.6), mean loss of body mass during imprisonment 19.32% (SD ± 9.54), and the average number of reported blows… 
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Mental Health Issues in Long-Term Solitary and “Supermax” Confinement

The article suggests that the courts, though in some ways appropriately solicitous of the plight of mentally ill supermax prisoners, have overlooked some of the broader psychological problems these units create.



Psychological disturbances among 47 Croatian prisoners of war tortured in detention camps.

Of the 5261 POWs released by February 1993, the majority reported being tortured, and the majority experienced other classic forms of torture including forced body position, mock executions, hard labor, and blackmail.

Multiple changes of immunologic parameters in prisoners of war. Assessments after release from a camp in Manjaca, Bosnia.

Alterations in the main parameters of the immune system and depression of important immune effector functions may have resulted from the psychological stress, physical deprivation, and malnutrition experienced by these war camp prisoners during their detainment.

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