Visual disturbances associated with primary empty sella syndrome.

  title={Visual disturbances associated with primary empty sella syndrome.},
  author={E Xistris and Patrick J. Sweeney and Froncie A. Gutman},
  journal={Cleveland Clinic quarterly},
  volume={44 3},
Department of Ophthalmology The term empty sella was introduced by Busch in 1951 to describe autopsy findings in which the diaphragma sella was incompetent or formed only-a peripheral rim of tissue with the pituitary gland compressed at the bottom of the sella turcica. T h e term empty sella syndrome was introduced by Colby and Kearns in 1962 to refer to symptoms of progressive visual impairment in a patient af ter irradiation for an intrasellar tumor despite lack of tumor recurrence. At… CONTINUE READING


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