Visual cues to female physical attractiveness

  title={Visual cues to female physical attractiveness},
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Evolutionary psychology suggests that a woman's sexual attractiveness is based on cues of health and reproductive potential. In recent years, research has focused on the ratio of the width of the waist to the width of the hips (the waist–to–hip ratio (WHR)). A low WHR (i.e. a curvaceous body) is believed to correspond to the optimal fat distribution for high fertility, and so this shape should be highly attractive. In this paper we present evidence that weight scaled for height (the body mass… 

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BMI is a stronger predictor of attractiveness than WHR, and it is possible that body shape is an important cue to attractiveness, but that simple ratios (such as WHR) are not adequately capturing it.

Visual perception of female physical attractiveness

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  • Psychology
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences
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The results showed that the body volume divided by the square of the height, defined as volume height index (VHI), is the most important and direct visual determinant of female physical attractiveness.

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Cross-culturally, humans make systematic use of physical attractiveness to discriminate among members of the opposite sex, and physical cues to youth, health, and fertility may be particularly

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Two purported cues to female physical attractiveness are body mass index (BMI) and body shape as measured by the waist‐to‐hip ratio (WHR). This study examined the relative contribution of both cues



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Examination of the role of body fat distribution as measured by waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) on the judgment of women’s physical attractiveness concludes that WHR is a reliable and honest signal of a woman's reproductive potential.

Adaptive significance of female physical attractiveness: role of waist-to-hip ratio.

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It is suggested that WHR represents an important bodily feature associated with physical attractiveness as well as with health and reproductive potential that influences female attractiveness and its role in mate selection.

Is symmetry a visual cue to attractiveness in the human female body?

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Women's waists and the sex ratio of their progeny: evolutionary aspects of the ideal female body shape

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Ideal female body shape: role of body weight and waist-to-hip ratio.

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It is proposed that female attractiveness and ideal female shape may be more influenced by WHR than overall body size.

Waist-to-hip ratio and attractiveness. Replication and extension