Visual Simulation of Flight Attitude Based on MFC and Vega


During the study of aircraft key components’ performance, for achieving high efficient and low-cost simulation verification, it’s needed to simulate the flight attitude under different tasks. The visual simulation technology based on flight attitude has been one of the hot topics of current research. In order to design the Aircraft Integrated Health Management System, visual simulation models of horizontal tail were built for multi-attitude flying such as takeoff, landing and large-angle climb, et al. A real-time flight simulation system based on task driving was developed by using of Vega under the MFC framework. The three-dimensional models of key components were driven through Vega API, visual simulation of horizontal tail was achieved during the flight with different attitudes. The conclusion shows, this platform not only provided an intuitionistic interactive interface, but it also was convenient to observe data and performance on simulating, it provides a common visual platform for task-based flight simulation.

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