Visual Programming 2 Introduction: the Grade Developing Environment

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  • Published 2007


1 Generals The taskgroup managed the integration of two sets of modules: GRADE: modules are based on a new parallel language called GRAPNEL which supports a high level programming above the PVM layer. PVM tools: modules which are close to the PVM programming layer. The work has been done with a avour of simulation modelling of parallel systems 9, 10] in the SEPP/HPCTI projects. In the rst few sections we discuss the work of integration in GRADE and then we treat the integration of PVM oriented tools. GRADE is a complex programming environment for the development of parallel programs based on the message-passing programming paradigm. GRADE stands for GRaphical Application Development Environment and it consists of several software tools which assist the diierent steps of the development process. GRADE can be used to write, edit, execute and tune (debug, monitor, visualise) parallel programs. GRADE is implemented on the top of UNIX operating system and the X Window interface. GRADE currently supports the PVM system as the target platform of the parallel applications, i.e. programs written in GRADE can be executed in any arbitrary PVM environment (e.g. in a UNIX based workstation cluster). GRADE contains a graphical program editor, called GRED (GRaphical EDitor), to construct the code of the parallel application. The programmer can deene the parallel parts and activities of the program by using graphical symbols. The syntax and semantics of these graphical symbols are deened by the GRAPNEL language (GRAphical Process NEt LAnguage). In GRADE, parallel programs can be constructed according to the syntax and semantics of GRAPNEL language by using the GRED graphical editor. However, not all elements of GRAPNEL language have already been implemented in GRED. The following tools are integrated into the GRADE environment: GRED: A graphical editor to write parallel applications. The editor supports the syntax of the graphical language GRAPNEL 3, 4].

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