Visual Pattern Extraction Using Energy-Efficient “2-PCM Synapse” Neuromorphic Architecture

  title={Visual Pattern Extraction Using Energy-Efficient “2-PCM Synapse” Neuromorphic Architecture},
  author={Olivier Bichler and Manan Suri and Damien Querlioz and Dominique Vuillaume and Barbara DeSalvo and Christian Gamrat},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices},
We introduce a novel energy-efficient methodology “2-PCM Synapse” to use phase-change memory (PCM) as synapses in large-scale neuromorphic systems. Our spiking neural network architecture exploits the gradual crystallization behavior of PCM devices for emulating both synaptic potentiation and synaptic depression. Unlike earlier attempts to implement a biological-like spike-timing-dependent plasticity learning rule with PCM, we use a simplified rule where long-term potentiation and long-term… CONTINUE READING
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