Visual P2 component is related to theta phase-locking.

  title={Visual P2 component is related to theta phase-locking.},
  author={Roman Freunberger and Wolfgang Klimesch and Michael Doppelmayr and Yvonne H{\"o}ller},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={426 3},
In this study we investigated the hypothesis whether P2-related differences tested in a visual priming paradigm are associated with theta phase-locking. We recorded the EEG from 31 electrodes and calculated phase-locking index and total power differences for frequencies between 2 and 20 Hz. ERPs (event-related potentials) were analyzed for P1, N1 and P2 components. P2 showed strongest task-related amplitude differences between congruent and incongruent targets. A source analyses was performed… CONTINUE READING