Visual Outcome and Complications in Patients with Ocular Chemical Injuries


Authors Dr Nimmy Merin Mathew, Dr Mallika. O.U Department of Ophthalmology, Govt. Medical College, Thrissur Corresponding Author Dr Nimmy Merin Mathew Puliyampallil House, Manjoor P.O, Kuruppanthara, Kottayam Dist, Kerala. PIN-686603 Email:, Phone-9446962227 ABSTRACT Purpose: To assess the visual outcome and the severity of injury and complications in patients with ocular chemical injury Materials and Methods: In a tertiary hospital based prospective single cohort study all patients who presented with ocular chemical injuries to Ophthalmology outpatient department during a period of one and a half years were studied. Data regarding the history of injury with special emphasis to type of chemical, site and mode of exposure and time between injury and presentation to the hospital was taken. Visual acuity at the time of presentation was assessed and the severity of injury was studied by slit lamp examination. The patient was followed up on day1, day 3, at 2 weeks and at 2 months to assess the visual outcome and complications after the injury. Results: among the 34 eyes with chemical injury, 52.9% were alkali injuries,32.4% were acid injuries and rest due to other chemicals. According to Roper Hall grading, grade 1 injury was present in 44.1% cases, grade 2 injury in 29.4 % cases, grade 3 injury in 20.6% cases and grade 4 or severe injury was seen in only 2 eyes (5.9%) cases. on review after 2 months, 30 eyes had best corrected visual acuity improved to 6/6 6/18 (88.2%). Still, 3 eyes (8.8%) had their visual acuity in the range of 6/24 3/60 and one eye had visual acuity <3/60. Conclusion: Alkali injuries were more and the incidence was more in the younger working population, with majority of injuries occurred in less than 40 years of age. The severity of injuries were less with most of them belonging to grade 1 and grade 2 injuries. Henceforth the visual outcome was better and complications were much less at 2 months follow up.

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