Visual Facilitation for Design Groups


Introduction to visual facilitation for design groups, enables leaders to catalyze innovation in groups by (1) aggregating ideas creatively in a visual tableau (2) activating human-system elements of design through somatic expression, (3) enabling multiple cognitive inputs, (4) modeling the fundamentals of innovation such as risk-taking, open-ended inquiry, vulnerability, and pattern-finding. This is a highly experiential course, based on the cognitive apprenticeship approach to learning. Participants will work on large paper altogether and in small groups. Human factors are increasingly complex in computer-human interaction. Effectiveness depends on the ability of designers to reach a diverse audience, including cognitive diversity. Design teams often are facing this challenge by including greater diversity in their groups. But to succeed, they must learn to leverage multiple perspectives, and enable team members to stretch their thinking, transcending unconscious biases and the limits of their own training and experience. To accomplish this requires techniques that support people of different personality traits, cultural backgrounds, and cognitive attributes to express their best ideas in an environment that is interpersonally supportive as well as intellectually rigorous. Visual facilitation enables this through: (1) The use of free-hand, simple imagery that expresses the essence of ideas before they are fully formed. The imperfect nature of a quick visual conveys that ideas are in process rather than fully-formed. This encourages the sharing of emerging concepts so that collaboration can occur earlier in the design process. (2) Methods that enable people to contribute their ideas multiple ways that allow full expression for diverse personality and cultural styles. (3) At the meta-level, the deeply human and ancient practice of communicating visually creates a design atmosphere likely to produce more human-friendly products.

DOI: 10.1145/2851581.2856691

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