Visual Experimental and Numerical Investigations Around the VLM-1 Microsatellite Launch Vehicle at Transonic Regime

  title={Visual Experimental and Numerical Investigations Around the VLM-1 Microsatellite Launch Vehicle at Transonic Regime},
  author={Henrique Oliveira da Mata and Jo{\~a}o Batista Pessoa Falc{\~a}o Filho and Ana Cristina Avelar and Leonardo de Oliveira Carvalho and Jo{\~a}o Luiz F. Azevedo},
  journal={Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management},
It is performed and presented an experimental and numerical investigation over the flow patterns around the forebody section of a microsatellite launch vehicle in development at Instituto de Aeronautica e Espaco. The experimental investigation with a VLM-1 model in 1:50 scale is carried out at the Brazilian Pilot Transonic Wind Tunnel, located in the Aerodynamics Division of the mentioned Institute, using the classical schlieren flow visualization technique. Schlieren images are obtained for… 


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