Visual Based Hand Gesture Recognition Systems

  title={Visual Based Hand Gesture Recognition Systems},
  author={Ling Hua Li and Ji Fang Du},
  journal={Applied Mechanics and Materials},
  pages={2422 - 2425}
  • L. Li, J. Du
  • Published 1 December 2012
  • Computer Science
  • Applied Mechanics and Materials
This paper describes the techniques used in visual based hand gesture recognition systems. The study is discussed from three aspects: the two categories, the five components, and the methods of feature extraction of visual based hand gesture recognition systems. The two categories are 3D model based systems and appearance model based systems. The five components are image sequences capture, pre-processing, hand regions detection, feature extraction and gesture classification. The methods of… 
Hand Gesture of Recognition Pattern Analysis by Image Treatment Techniques
The goal of this project is to write a program in the C++ language that can recognize motions made by a subject in front of a camera, and intends to present to the reader three unique techniques for acquiring 3D images: stereovision, structured light, and flight time.
Intelligent Control Wheelchair Using a New Visual Joystick
A new control system of a hand gesture-controlled wheelchair (EWC) suitable for a large number of patients who cannot manipulate a standard joystick wheelchair is proposed and has been tested on real patients and exhibits good results.
A gesture-based interface for the exploration and classification of protein binding cavities
LeapRenderer is presented, a 3-dimensional gesture-driven interface for visualizing protein surface models controlled primarily by the Leap Motion Controller that serves exploration and classification functions and supports the discovery and classification of protein binding sites.


A real-time hand gesture recognition method
Experimental results showed that the proposed method gained detection rate up to 91% with real-time performance, and the recognition results were obtained by the nearest neighbor method.
Hand gesture recognition using input-output hidden Markov models
A new hand gesture recognition method based on input-output hidden Markov models is presented, which recognizes two classes of gestures: deictic and symbolic.
Hand Gesture Recognition in Camera-Projector System
A vision-based hand gesture recognition system is implemented in a camera-projector system to achieve an augmented reality tool and the recognition efficiency is improved by the recognition probabilities of the consecutive detected gestures by maximum likelihood approach.
Hand Tracking and Gesture Recognition for Human-Computer Interaction
A new algorithm to track and recognise hand gestures for interacting with a videogame based on three main steps: hand segmentation, hand tracking and gesture recognition from hand features.
Survey on Various Gesture Recognition Techniques for Interfacing Machines Based on Ambient Intelligence
The purpose of this paper is to compare various human Gesture recognition systems for interfacing machines directly to human wits without any corporeal media in an ambient environment.
Extraction of 2D Motion Trajectories and Its Application to Hand Gesture Recognition
Experimental results show that motion patterns of hand gestures can be extracted and recognized accurately using motion trajectories and applied to recognize 40 hand gestures of American Sign Language.
Hand Gesture Recognition for Human-Machine Interaction
The aim of this paper is the proposal of a real time vision system for its application within visual interaction environments through hand gesture recognition, using general-purpose hardware and low cost sensors, so any user could make use of it in his office or home.
3D Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Sensor Fusion of Commodity Hardware
This paper presents a dynamic 3d hand and arm gesture recognition system using commodity hardware that combines dynamic hand and arms gesture recognition based on the depth sensor with static hand gesture recognitionbased on the HD color sensor.
Real Time Hand Based Robot Control Using 2D/3D Images
A new solution using 2D/3D images for real time hand detection, tracking and classification which is used as an interface for sending the commands to an industrial robot.