Vistech VCTS 6500 charts--within- and between-session reliability.

  title={Vistech VCTS 6500 charts--within- and between-session reliability.},
  author={Barnaby C Reeves and Joanne M. Wood and Adrian Robert Hill},
  journal={Optometry and vision science : official publication of the American Academy of Optometry},
  volume={68 9},
The aim of the study was to measure the reliability of the Vistech VCTS 6500 charts, in test score units, in order to allow clinicians to derive estimates of what constitutes a clinically meaningful change in performance over time. The reliability of a more familiar test, Bailey-Lovie high contrast visual acuity, was also measured to provide a comparison. Patients with normal vision and with early or subtle eye disease were recruited so that the results would be representative of the population… CONTINUE READING