Visions Shared: A Firsthand Look into Synesthesia and Art

  title={Visions Shared: A Firsthand Look into Synesthesia and Art},
  author={Carol Steen},
  journal={Leonardo Music Journal},
  • Carol Steen
  • Published 1 June 2001
  • Art
  • Leonardo Music Journal
The author discusses her experiences as an artist and synesthete. She describes her synesthetic perceptionsher experiences of touch, sound and other sensory input in the form of often strikingly colorful visions. She explains the development of her awareness of her synesthesia and of methods and preferred techniques for communicating these experiences through painting and sculpture, thus allowing her to express what would otherwise not be fully expressible. The author finds that art inspired by… Expand
The Perceptual Experience Of Synesthesia In Romanian Culture
The article presents an experimental analysis of perceptual experiences related to the music –color synesthesia and grapheme – color synesthesia in Romanian culture. The data have showed significantExpand
Synesthetic Photisms and Hypnagogic Visions: a Comparison.
  • Carol Steen
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Multisensory research
  • 2017
Both the visual similarities and differences in my synesthetic photisms and hypnagogic visions are explored, and the range of colors, lines, shapes, geometric ornamentations, and movements I see are compared. Expand
Synaesthesia and Individual Differences
Synaesthesia is a fascinating cognitive phenomenon where one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another. For example, synaesthetes might perceive colours when listening to music, or tastesExpand
Color synesthesia. Insight into perception, emotion, and consciousness
Results of the recent investigations on synesthesia offered a remarkable insight into the mechanisms of perception, emotion and consciousness, and deserve attention both from neuroscientists and from clinicians. Expand
Personal Profiles of Color Synesthesia: Developing a Testing Method for Artists and Scientists
The authors describe a practical method for assessing personal profiles of color:word, color:taste, color:music and color:odor synesthesia. The Netherlands Color Synesthesia (NeCoSyn) method is basedExpand
What can synaesthesia tell us about our minds
Synaesthesia is considered here as a cognitive phenomenon in the context of developmental, neuropathological and linguistic perspectives. Developmental synaesthesia seems to arise as an effect ofExpand
Categorization of Synaesthesia
This article is an attempt to synthesize the current knowledge about synaesthesia from many fields such as literature, arts, multimedia, medicine, or psychology. The main goal of this paper is toExpand
Evoking emotions and unpacking layered histories through young children’s illustrations of racial bus segregation
Drawing on theories of multi-modality and critical visual literacy, this article focuses on images that five-and six year-olds painted in a class-made book, Voice on the Bus, about racialExpand
The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music
The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music offers a state-of-the-art cross-section of the most field-defining topics and debates in computer music today. A unique contribution to the field, it situatesExpand
Cerebral plasticity following central and peripheral visual field loss : investigated through morphological and functional MRI
Les processus de plasticite cerebrale entraines par la perte visuelle restent un domaine meconnu dans le champ des neurosciences. La vision centrale et peripherique, le meilleur compromisExpand


Artistic and Psychological Experiments with Synesthesia
Artists and psychologists have been experimenting with synesthesia for centuries. The author provides a historical review to show that artists and psychologists have always had great difficultyExpand
Synesthesia: A Union of the Senses
For decades, scientists who heard about synesthesia hearing colors, tasting words, seeing colored pain just shrugged their shoulders or rolled their eyes. Now, as irrefutable evidence mounts thatExpand
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In 1980, Richard Cytowic was having dinner at a friend's house, when his host exclaimed, "Oh, dear, there aren't enough points on the chicken." With that casual comment began Cytowic's journey intoExpand
Synesthesia: Classic and Contemporary
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