Vision guided control of multiple robots

  • Mark Fiala
  • Published 2004 in
    First Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot…


A vision based system is presented for controlling multiple robot platforms in real time using imagery from a top view video camera. This article is a system paper that demonstrates the advantages of computer vision for robot control. A control loop using vision feedback allows creation of a robust working system while greatly reducing the complexity of the rest of the system. Planar marker pattern marker detection is an example of computer vision that is robust enough with today¿s technology for industry, and is employed for locating the robots with passive vision. Image processing in software obviates the need for complex systems for odometry, sonar, etc normally found in robotics. The control of two robotic platforms is achieved with the simplest possible hardware, with computer vision as the only feedback in the system. A system is shown and described where a user can choose desired locations for the robots, which are guided around obstacles to their destinations using ARToolkit marker patterns detected in imagery from a stationary digital video camera.

DOI: 10.1109/CCCRV.2004.1301450

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