Vision and hearing impairment in aged care clients.

  title={Vision and hearing impairment in aged care clients.},
  author={Jeanette Jee and Jie Jin Wang and Kathryn Ailsa Rose and Richard Lindley and Peter Landau and Paul Mitchell},
  journal={Ophthalmic epidemiology},
  volume={12 3},
PURPOSE To determine the frequency of sensory impairments among aged care clients. METHODS We examined 188 persons aged 65-99 years being evaluated for aged care services at a geriatric assessment center, west of Sydney, Australia. Visual acuity was measured using a LogMAR chart. Visual impairment was defined in the better eye: mild < 20/40 to > or = 20/80, moderate < 20/80 to > or = 20/200, and severe < 20/200. Hearing function was assessed by portable pure-tone air-conduction audiometry… CONTINUE READING